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‘Our goal is to alleviate the clients symptoms, address the cause of their pain or dysfunction and educate them so they understand the problem, how we can help them, and what they can do to help themselves Sarah Talyancich, Director

The Bodyreform difference

At Bodyreform, we’re committed to your physical health.  We offer a physiotherapy service that aims to alleviate, repair and prevent injuries that might otherwise be painful and debilitating.

With a particular focus and interest in back, shoulder and hip pain, our skilled physiotherapists are rehabilitation specialists.  Attention to detail, ongoing staff-training and a focus on every clients individual needs is what sets Bodyreform apart.


It all starts with the diagnosis

Much of our success in pain and injury rehabilitation is due to the time we take to diagnose the problem.  We take care to establish:

  • how or why your back, shoulder or other joint pain first occurred
  • how we can  manage your pain now and
  • how we can rehabilitate your injuries to reduce the likelihood of pain returning in the future.

Bodyreform, based in Grey Lynn/Ponsonby, Auckland is a comfortable, fully equipped rehabilitation and Pilates studio with a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

What to expect at your first physiotherapy appointment.

At your first appointment, we will assess your injury, pain or problem area.  We will diagnose the issue and discuss the most appropriate course of treatment.  Thsi may include”

  • Physiotherapy manual therapy techniques
  • Physiotherapy led rehabilitation exercise
  • Clinical pilates session to improve core strength and stability
  • Ultrasound scanning to take a better look at your shoulder, hip and abdominals
  • Arranging an appointment with a Sports Physician or Specialist , if required
  • Whatever it takes to get you moving freely and without pain


Early rehabilitation is our aim

Research as shown that client outcomes are much improved and have a higher pain-free success rate if rehabilitation commences early in your treatment.  At Bodyreform, we work within your pain limitations and, where possible, aim to begin rehabilitation within your first treatment session.

Our specialized pilates equipment may be used to assist your rehabilitation goals or we may use our real time ultrasound imaging machine to retrain your pelvic floor or deep abdominal muscles, hip or shoulder muscles.

Whether you are visiting our Ponsonby/Grey Lynn clinic for an individual physiotherapy or Pilates session, or are attending a Pilates class, pregnancy care consultation, or seeking advice about an injury or chronic pain assessment, you will be treated as an individual. Here’s how we work:

From the time you enter our Ponsonby / Grey Lynn physiotherapist clinic, you have our undivided attention. At your first appointment we will spend time assessing your injury or pain and focus on providing a correct diagnosis and treatment plan.

If further investigation is required, we will arrange x-rays, ultrasound imaging, referral to a sports physician or specialist, etc. Our aim is to ensures the physio treatment we provide is the best answer to your condition. It is paramount to ensure we have the correct diagnosis for you.  Once this is established, the rest is easy. Rehabilitation and education about your injury and preventive treatment is our focus.

At Bodyreform we believe it is important that you feel informed and in control every step of the way. Leaving out all the medical jargon, we will carefully explain everything to you in a way you are able to understand.

Treatment will be the most effective possible and consist of physiotherapy methods to alleviate your pain using manual physiotherapy, massage therapy, and dry-needling. The correct diagnosis is so crucial, this enables any back pain, joint pain, shoulder or hip pain treatment to become more precise and exact.

This is a crucial final component to your rehabilitation. We aim to get you back to the sports field, leisure activity, and pain-free lifestyle that is self-manageable and long-lasting.

For effective physiotherapy, Pilates classes, pregnancy physiotherapy and joint pain rehabilitation, you can trust the team at Bodyreform – Physiotherapy, Ponsonby and Grey Lynn.

Bodyreform Physiotherapy Treatments

Bodyreform Physiotherapy | Ponsonby, Grey Lynn, Auckland

Our physiotherapist in Grey lynn have it covered. Having over 60 years experience cumulatively within our clinic, we are experienced in most physiotherapy problems.

Clinical Pilates | improve core strength, posture, flexibility and balance

Clinical Pilates has many proven benefits, including:

  • improving core strength, posture, flexibility and balance
  • increasing muscle tone and power, and
  • encouraging spine lengthening and stomach flattening
Rehabilitative Ultrasound Imaging

Ensuring the Best and Most Effective Diagnosis and Treatment.

Ultrasound imaging enables our physio team to observe the movement of tissue in real time. That way, we can make a complete and thorough assessment of your deep abdominals and pelvic floor. As a consequence, our diagnosis is better and the treatment we give you is specific and effective for your needs.

Pilates Mat & Pilates Equipment Classes, Auckland

Bodyreform’s group Pilates classes include:

  • Mat Pilates classes in Grey Lynn / Ponsonby and in Mount Eden, Auckland, and
  • Equipment Pilates classes in Grey Lynn / Ponsonby.

Spine Care, Physiotherapy & Clinical Pilates

Shoulder Pain

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Back Pain / Spine Care / Spine Rehabilitation

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Gluteal Tendonpathy

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