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Physiotherapy Treatments

With more than 40 years physiotherapy experience, we offer a complete physiotherapy service to alleviate pain and rehabilitate musculoskeletal conditions with the aim of preventing them from reoccurring.

Research and experience have proven better outcomes with a higher pain-free success rate if rehabilitation commences early if treatment.  At Bodyreform we aim to begin rehabilitation work as early as possible.  This starts with your first treatment session.


At your first appointment, we will assess your injury, work towards diagnosing the pain generator and pinpoint the cause.  We will discuss the most appropriate course of treatment, which may include:

  • Physiotherapy assessment of joint, muscles and nerves
  • Real time utrasound scans muscles contraction quality, timing and endurance (specialist service in Auckland)
  • Physiotherapy manual therapy techniques
  • Physiotherapy progressive exercise programmes
  • Clinical Pilates sessions to improve your core strengthen and stability
  • Assessment may require further x-rays and formal ultrasound scans
  • If required, we can also arrange an appointment with a sports physician or specialist

Muscle pain:  Pain switches muscles off very quickly, so if you suffer from knee, hip or shoulder pain, you can count on the fact that your muscles will start to weaken, which will turn, and make your problem much worse.

Muscle memory: The most successful joint replacement candidates or people with moderate pathology are people who strengthen their joints right up until their surgery date. Muscles have a memory, so when it’s time to get moving again, they remember what to do – that’s why strengthening your body prior to surgery will help you accelerate your post-surgery rehabilitation.

Physiotherapy Appointments

  • Depending on your individual requirements, you may require between one to three appointments per week.
  • Appointments run every 30 or 60 minutes, to ensure we have enough time to accurately assess and treat your physio needs, as well as assess your rehabilitation progress.
  • We offer physiotherapy treatments both privately and under ACC.

Physiotherapy for Cervical, Thoracic or Lumbar pain

Suffering from spinal pain can be tiring, functionally limiting and depressing.  A rapid improvement, even ablation of your pain can be achieved with the correct assessment, diagnosis and advice/treatment.

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