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Should Pain Physio Therapy

Shoulder Pain

Can’t sleep on your shoulder at night? Pain shoots when you move or twist your arm in certain positions. Pain has been lingering for some time now. Don’t leave your shoulder pain for long. Why?…the sooner you have your pain managed, the quicker your shoulder or any injury will return back to normal functioning. Tendon…

Back Pain Spine Care Spine Physio Rehab

Back Pain / Spine Care / Spine Rehabilitation

Suffering from back pain?  Can’t find the magic solution to manage or eliminate your back pain? Bodyreform assesses and treats back pain daily.  The most effective management is obtaining the correct diagnosis.  Once stabilized through x-rays, MRI, assessment and possible referral to Sports Physicians and Spinal Surgeons. Once we know exactly what is going on…whether…

Physiotherapy Gluteal Tendonpathy

Gluteal Tendonpathy

Have you been limping for a while/or been using a moon boot? Getting pain walking uphill or upstairs or having trouble getting in and out of a car. Is your pain on the bony part of your lateral hip and deep into your buttock muscle? At our Grey Lynn physio clinic, we are assessing many…

Physiotherapy for The Auckland Half Marathon

Physiotherapy For The Auckland Half/Marathon

PHYSIOTHERAPY FOR THE AUCKLAND MARATHON 2014 So you want to run the Auckland Half Marathon or even the Auckland Marathon? It’s not just about being cardiovascular fit, it’s about having muscular endurance and the mental drive to power through the tough bits and get to the finish line. Running the race is the easiest part,…

Running In The Auckland Marathon 2014

Running In The Auckland Marathon 2014

Physiotherapy in Grey Lynn/Ponsonby to keep you free from running injuries. So you want to run the 2014 Auckland Half Marathon? Would you like to run it well? or just get to the start line after all the winter training and long runs to get your feet used to the idea of running 21.1 km…

Pelvic Floors

Homage to our Pelvic Floors It is crazy the lack of attention we give to our pelvic floor muscles. Many of my clients come into the clinic with no idea what they are or how to work them. My friends don’t worry about them thinking they will only need attention when they have children. They…

Training For The Auckland Marathon 2014

Training for the Auckland Half Marathon 2014 Hopefully, you successfully secured a ticket in the 2014 Auckland Marathon or Half Marathon. Now, just need to start training for the big event! Getting to the start line after months of training really is a success in itself.  Physio’s at Bodyreform in Ponsonby Auckland treat people with…

Pilates Classes Auckland

Pilates Classes In Mt Eden/Three Kings/Sandingham, Auckland

Looking for a pilates class local to you?  There is one right under your nose.  Bodyreform has been offering a class outside of their Grey Lynn Physio Clinic in Auckland for nearly 1o years. Wow, that’s a long time! Our class runs at the Maungawhau School hall presently, at 6.30 -7.30 pm (Update: please refer to…

Anterior Knee Pain / Patella Femoral Pain

Patellofemoral Pain / Knee Pain / Anterior Knee Pain How Physio in Auckland, Grey Lynn, and Ponsonby can help you! Knee pain is common painful condition found in knees. People using feel pressure or pain right underneath the kneecap or patella. This pain is exacerbated by walking downstairs, repeated knee flexion such as squats and…

Anterior Knee Pain

Anterior Knee Pain – How Physio in Grey Lynn, Ponsonby can help you

Knee Pain and Back Pain. Physiotherapists at Bodyreform in Ponsonby, Grey Lynn Auckland are here to help you! Anterior knee pain is a common orthopedic problem amongst runners, cyclists or anyone who has had a blow to the knee, or exercises often. It can cause problems sitting, walking up or down stairs, and even stop…

Running Case Study

Running case study – how does Physio/Pilates help

Running Case Study: Karen came to physiotherapy with pain in her right Achilles and heel pain after running.  This is a new niggle, and as she is training for the Taupo half marathon in August, really wanted to ensure she was not looking down the long lonely barrel of Achilles tendonitis. Luckily for Karen, her right…

Pregnancy Physio

Pregnancy Physio/Pilates – Ponsonby/Grey Lynn

PREGNANCY CARE Peace pillows are still in stock at the clinic, $99 each. We also have specifically shaped pregnancy pillows, to help reduce any pain whilst side sleeping at night.  Ligaments weaken with pregnancy, and as our pelvis is heavily made up of ligaments, pain can be a problem throughout the pregnancy term.  Denton’s pregnancy…

Myths associated with running

Myths Around Running: As the Auckland marathon is approaching in November, Helen at Bodyreform thought it would be a great idea to address some myths that surround running, training and related injuries. Every year we have people coming to the clinic with pre-race pain and injuries.  I think you know you are winning when you reach…

Running Preparation

HALF MARATHON RUNNING PREPARATION if you are one of the lucky ones who managed to fight for a half marathon ticket in May for Auckland’s Half Marathon, well done!  Hopefully, your training is right on target.  In preparation, ensure you are: practicing at least one flexibility session per week and one strength session per week…

Grey Lynn Ponsonby Pilates Mat Class Tuesdays Nights

Grey Lynn/Ponsonby Pilates Mat Class Tuesdays Nights

NEW TUESDAY NIGHT MAT CLASS – 7.30 PM Due to popular demand, we now have a summer, late evening mat class.  Tuesday 7.30 pm – 8.30 pm.  Mat class, using bands, weights, and rollers. Concessions are in 4-week blocks, $72 for a month.  Class numbers limited.  Please call or email clinic to book.  First class starting…

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