Pregnancy Care

Physiotherapy and Pregnancy Pilates – Ponsonby, Grey Lynn, Auckland

Pregnancy can be hard on a woman’s body. Through clinical and personal experience, the team of physiotherapists at Bodyreform have discovered that the most pain free, active and agile women are the ones who have sought physio advice concerning their pregnancy and who have practiced clinical Pilates, before, during, and after pregnancy.

Pelvic and sacroiliac joint pain is common amongst women within the first trimester right up until delivery date. The best management for lower back and pelvic pain is to start postural and abdominal static strengthening very early on. In fact, our best pregnant clients are the ones who have practiced pilates with us prior their pregnancy. Plus, they bounce back into a pilates class only weeks after birth. We have even had some clients practice pilates on our machines during their 40th week of pregnancy!

Pregnancy Physiotherapy – Ante and Post-natal Care

An important part of ante and post-natal care is to strengthen your specific deep abdominal muscles, and external trunk muscles. These trunk muscles work as a sling, helping to stabilise and support your pelvis in all directions.

As a pregnancy advances, our external abdominal muscles may separate (rectus diastases), which has shown to increase the occurrence of lumbar and pelvic pain, and pelvic floor dysfunction. It pays to take good care of yourself. Via practising deep abdominal and pelvic floor exercises, the risk of rectus diastases is greatly reduced, as with pelvic floor dysfunction and lower back pain.

During your physiotherapy session at Bodyreform, we will assess your body’s needs and use manual physiotherapy techniques as required. We will also use our ultrasound imaging machine to check and retrain your pelvic floor muscles.

As part of our treatment to clients we can also provide:

  • sacroiliac belts to assist pelvic support
  • deep tissue massage
  • pregnancy pillows to support you in sleep
  • advice on sleep positions
  • advice on cardio-exercise
  • postural advice and strengthening, and
  • referrals to specialists and other allied health practitioners as required.

Bodyreform also works closely with specialists, local acupuncturists and osteopaths who have proven to support pregnancy care and facilitate a more pain-free labour.

Pregnancy Pilates

To facilitate good spinal posture and muscle support for your spine and pelvis, Bodyreform offers specific one-on-one Pilates mat and equipment tuition in Grey Lynn and Ponsonby.

There are numerous researched, gold standard exercises women can practice to help facilitate a stronger pelvis, and a happier, pain free pregnancy. At Bodyreform we will ensure you exercise properly and within your limits to facilitate the speedy return of a strong abdominal wall. Something all women would like following child birth!

We can also arrange specific small group pregnancy Pilates classes on request.

Visit our physiotherapy clinic in Ponsonby / Grey Lynn and our team will give you all the advice you require to ensure you stay in the best of shape during your pregnancy, and return to peak condition as soon as possible after it.

Bodyreform Physiotherapy Treatments

Bodyreform Physiotherapy | Ponsonby, Grey Lynn, Auckland

Our physiotherapist in Grey lynn have it covered. Having over 60 years experience cumulatively within our clinic, we are experienced in most physiotherapy problems.

Clinical Pilates | improve core strength, posture, flexibility and balance

Clinical Pilates has many proven benefits, including:

  • improving core strength, posture, flexibility and balance
  • increasing muscle tone and power, and
  • encouraging spine lengthening and stomach flattening

Rehabilitative Ultrasound Imaging

Ensuring the Best and Most Effective Diagnosis and Treatment.

Ultrasound imaging enables our physio team to observe the movement of tissue in real time. That way, we can make a complete and thorough assessment of your deep abdominals and pelvic floor. As a consequence, our diagnosis is better and the treatment we give you is specific and effective for your needs.

Pilates Mat & Pilates Equipment Classes, Auckland

Bodyreform’s group Pilates classes include:

  • Mat Pilates classes in Grey Lynn / Ponsonby and in Mount Eden, Auckland, and
  • Equipment Pilates classes in Grey Lynn / Ponsonby.

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