21Running In The Auckland Marathon 2014

Physiotherapy in Grey Lynn/Ponosnby to keep you free from running injuries.

So you want to run the 2014 Auckland Half Marathon? Would you like to run it well?, or just get to the start line after all the winter training and long runs to get your feet used to the idea of running 21.1 km nonstop!

Physiotherapy in Grey Lynn/Ponsonby can help you not only run, run faster, more upright and with improved ease.

As experienced Physiotherapists we see on a daily level what happens to our bodies with repetitive exercise, especially running and cycling.  Some people don’t have time or don’t make time to stretch post running.  Rush to work and sit down for 8 hours more or less.  Over months, muscles develop tightness and develop trigger points.  One small trigger point can provide the runner with pain that stops them in their tracks.

To avoid runner’s injuries, keeping strong at your gluteals and core abdominals, plus utilising massage at Bodyreform, we know you will run well with less pain and improved flexibility and time.

Physio’s at Auckland’s Bodyreform who massage runners and cyclists also work on the gluteal and ITB trigger points that normally refer significant pain down the legs.

Best to avoid running problems rather than pick up the pieces after months. Physio’s in Grey Lynn recommend month massage for runners up to 2 weeks prior the event.  If you are especially tight, massages 2 weekly with some clinical pilates thrown in the increase your flexibility and strength.

So, get your shoes out of the cupboard, plan your runs and work on the balancing act of massage, pelvic strength and trigger points to get you to the start line.

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After my second baby was born, my body was a wreck, with constant back and pelvic pain that made it hard to cope with the physical demands of being a mother. Regular physio – and lots of care, support and encouragement – from Sarah has made a vast difference. I’m far stronger and very nearly pain-free – better than I was before I had children.

– Nicki Judkins

Nicki Judkins
I was 44 when I first went to Sarah with a background of sports injuries related to running. I have previously had several years of treatment from physiotherapists but continued to suffer from injuries as my running distances increased. Since being treated by Sarah I have been able to complete both a half marathon and my first full marathon – both in times I was delighted with. I am in no doubt that without her ongoing care I would not have been able to achieve my marathon goal.
-Carolyn Burnet
Carolyn Burnet
As a New Zealand age group representative duathlete, I was experiencing regular and ongoing muscular problems in both lower legs. Since attending Sarah’s one-on-one Pilates sessions, my leg problems have completely disappeared. Sarah’s innovative ideas and caring communication have made what started out as a trying ordeal into a weekly Pilates session that I now look forward to.
-Chris Fletcher
Chris Fletcher
I have been coming to Bodyreform for about 8 years after years of on / off treatment for a lower back problem which resulted in sciatic pain. Not only did they remove the pain, but they also taught me how to support and manage the problem through strengthening my inner core muscles and correcting my posture. Body Reform’s Physios worked hard on my rehabilitation and they maintain a strong relationship / friendship with me that ensures I can look forward to aging gracefully and in a pain free fashion.

-Jan Woodhouse

Jan Woodhouse, FNZILA
NZILA Registered Landscape Architect

Jan Woodhouse