Anterior Knee Pain

Knee Pain and Back Pain. Physiotherapists at Bodyreform in Ponsonby, Grey Lynn Auckland are here to help you!

Anterior knee pain is a common orthopedic problem amongst runners, cyclists or anyone who has had a blow to the knee, or exercises often. It can cause problems sitting, walking up or down stairs, and even stop us from running or exercising.

It is important to identify the mechanism of injury which will determine a more exact diagnosis and hence course of treatment. At Bodyreform, Physio in Ponsonby, Auckland we strive to ascertain your exact diagnosis through knee pain assessment, scans, and possible specialist referral.

Knee pain can also be associated to back pain. Pain can be a referral to the knee from the back, giving irritating neural pain to the knee and beyond. Knee pain can also be secondary problems with ITB or iliotibial band syndrome or IBT tightness. This can occur after a long period of running, especially if the buttock is not strong enough to keep the pelvis level. Also if one has been running or walking in poor shoes that make the foot overpronate, or make the foot roll in.

Knee pain can also occur from internal ACL/PCL ligaments inside the knee or from the lateral or medial ligaments that protect the knee from tilting sideways.

Physios in Ponsonby, Grey Lynn Auckland treat copious amounts of walkers, runners, yoga practitioners, marathon runners, and multisport athletes with knee pain problems.

Pilates and physio combination from the Physio’s in Grey Lynn, Ponsonby Auckland can help you overcome your knee pain and get you back exercising and doing the things you enjoy. Keeping strong in your pelvis and in lumbar spine will greatly reduce the load through your knees, hence reducing the risk of osteoarthritis at your hips, knee, and ankles. Call us today 09 361 6415.

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