Patellofemoral Pain / Knee Pain / Anterior Knee Pain
How Physio in Auckland, Grey Lynn, and Ponsonby can help you!

Knee pain is common painful condition found in knees. People using feel pressure or pain right underneath the kneecap or patella. This pain is exacerbated by walking downstairs, repeated knee flexion such as squats and lunges or just prolonged periods sitting.

Normally these problems are structural and biomechanical and will improve knee pain with a specific technique from Bodyreform Physios in Ponsonby/Grey Lynn.

Tight muscles around the lateral leg and knee can strongly attribute to the kneecap not sitting on the ridges of the femur correctly. This facilitates the weakness of the inner range quadriceps which strengthens the knee to reduce knee pain. This muscle is like the abdominals of the torso or lower back.

Tight or weak buttock muscles can also attribute to knee pain or knee problems. This is why modified pilates is so effective in balancing the body out and improving muscle timing to correct function.

A good start for your knee pain rehab is to ‘get on your bike’. Stationary of course, this helps to strengthen the buttock and the inner range quadriceps. Cycling for knee pain should be practiced every day, with slowly increasing the resistance. Specific quadriceps exercises for the affected knee is also practiced. As with specific gluteal exercises specific to strengthening post, knee pain is strongly encouraged.

Come and see Bodyreform Physios to assess your knee pain and obtain high standard treatment and rehabilitation.

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