Back Pain Spine Care Spine Physio Rehab

Suffering from back pain?  Can’t find the magic solution to manage or eliminate your back pain?

Bodyreform assesses and treats back pain daily.  The most effective management is obtaining the correct diagnosis.  Once stabilized through x-rays, MRI, assessment and possible referral to Sports Physicians and Spinal Surgeons.

Once we know exactly what is going on…whether it is disc disease, disc prolapse, disc protrusion, slipped disc, spondylolisthesis, spondylosis, pars defect, osteoarthritis and the like, Bodyreform will rehabilitate you back to health.

It is essential to also use your deep abdominals correctly.  We have been back to University to learn all about Ultra-sound Imaging which shows you your abdominals in ‘real time’.  Pivotal in changing muscle recruitment, this machine will confirm for you in seconds if you are doing your home exercises correctly or overworking your stomach.

Call Bodyreform on 361 6415 to book your initial assessment and finally get rid of your back pain for good!

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