Physiotherapy Gluteal Tendonpathy

Have you been limping for a while/or been using a moon boot? Getting pain walking uphill or upstairs or having trouble getting in and out of a car. Is your pain on the bony part of your lateral hip and deep into your buttock muscle?

At our Grey Lynn physio clinic, we are assessing many hip pain problems and diagnosing copious hip tendon pathologies. If we limp or walk in an altered way, this can greatly affect our deep buttock muscles. These muscles weaken over time ( can be years!), and once the load is too great for the tendon to handle, the tendon fibers start to break down and we feel pain.

Good news though, we can manage this problem well with muscle rehabilitation. Exercises need to be performed daily, in a certain way using a precise and slow speed.

To be exact with our diagnosis, we will refer you for a scan of your hip which will show us all your buttock tendons.

So what are you waiting for, come in and let us check out your hips!

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