Physiotherapy for The Auckland Half Marathon


So you want to run the Auckland Half Marathon or even the Auckland Marathon? It’s not just about being cardiovascular fit, it’s about having muscular endurance and the mental drive to power through the tough bits and get to the finish line.

Running the race is the easiest part, its keeping injury free and mentally strong that’s the hard bit.  Injuries can happen when a body part becomes overloaded, thus providing more than normal forces through joints, ligaments, and muscles until they break down and become inflamed.

The avoid body overload, and to make running easier, there are three things every runner should be working on.

These are:

  • Buttock Muscles – Gluteus Maximus and Medius
  • Abdominals and Deep Core Muscles
  • Spine flexibility and Spine Articulation.

Running the Auckland Half Marathon, incorporate some rehab time into your training schedule.

Training the gluteus maximums (meaning large buttock muscle) is essential for extending your hip during push off in running. If you are running well, this muscle drives a force directly into the ground. With leaning forward and momentum, this muscle will propel you forward. If the gluteus maximus muscle is too weak, it will look for other muscles in your hamstrings to do the work. If your hamstrings are working too hard, you will start to overload them and develop a hamstring strain.

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