Running Case Study

Running Case Study:

Karen came to physiotherapy with pain in her right Achilles and heel pain after running.  This is a new niggle, and as she is training for the Taupo half marathon in August, really wanted to ensure she was not looking down the long lonely barrel of Achilles tendonitis.

Luckily for Karen, her right Achilles tendon and calf muscle was not inflamed and kept nice and tapered.  There were no silent signs inflammatory problems.  However, when we looked at her feet in standing, Karen’s rear foot heavily pronated, and her mid-foot looked like a pancake!  Karen’s running shoes, unfortunately, were not correct for her, not giving her the support she required whilst running.

As Karen’s foot biomechanics were not ideal, we advised she visit a podiatrist with experience in this field, plus look at either changing her shoes or having some orthotics inserted.

With improved footwear, and assistance from our friendly podiatrist…Karen is back running, pain-free!

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