if you are one of the lucky ones who managed to fight for a half marathon ticket in May for Auckland’s Half Marathon, well done!  Hopefully, your training is right on target.  In preparation, ensure you are:

  • practicing at least one flexibility session per week and one strength session per week
  • having weekly or fortnightly sports massage
  • ensuring your shoes are still in good working order.  Turn them over, and ensure they are not worn excessively anywhere
  • have a couple of pair of shoes, and rotate them

We treat the copious amount of people who run for training.  Pelvic and gluteal strength is essential for effective, injury free running.

Its also a big aim to get to the start line, uninjured.  Hence, if you run more than 40 km a week, it has proven best to book yourself in for sports tissue release therapy to keep muscles loose, supple and injury free!

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