Should Pain Physio Therapy

Can’t sleep on your shoulder at night? Pain shoots when you move or twist your arm in certain positions. Pain has been lingering for some time now.

Don’t leave your shoulder pain for long. Why?…the sooner you have your pain managed, the quicker your shoulder or any injury will return back to normal functioning.

Tendon tears that are left for some time, develop chronic tissue changes, and eventually develop calcified deposits. Essentially that is bone growing and replacing your tendon. These chronic changes can never be reversed.

You may have fallen off your bike and damaged your neck and shoulder. Pain can also occur from inflamed sacks of fluid that sits on our shoulder. These cushioning structures are called Bursae. Inflammation of these 2 subdeltoid or subacromial bursae are very painful and can range from mild to severe pain and dysfunction. Treatment is targeted at your posture static strength, posture and rotator cuff muscle power.

Sometimes it is essential to have an ultrasound scan to further assess tendon integrity and base inflammation. These scans are helpful in further diagnosis pathology and ensure treatment is more targeted.

If pain persists or we are not achieving WEEKLY improvements then we will refer you to a Sports Physician for further assessment, scans, and injections for pain relief.

Become pain-free with Bodyreform, we will try out very best to manage any joint pain you may be suffering from.

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