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Do you suffer from a sore achy lower back? Annoyed that your spine is sore in the morning, and takes a while to get moving. Maybe you have some pain referral that is problematic and making your spine weaker. Frustrated at not being able to lift the grandchildren, play golf or other sports, or fear-full of doing what you want to do each and every day?

These are some of the frustrations our clients used to comment on. At Bodyreform, Physio’s in Ponsonby and Grey Lynn are experts at identifying the cause of your spine pain and starting you off with a rehabilitation programme individual for you. It has been researched and proven that spine care is most effective when married with active rehabilitation. This spine rehabilitation needs to commence within the first week of your back injury, and it should not bring you any pain or discomfort.

At Bodyreform we look at your spine and which movements you should practice helping your spine, and which movements will make your spine worse. Core abdominals are assessed. These are the abdominals that wrap around your spine like a corset. Once activated correctly, they are pivotal in providing the inner strength your spine needs to cope with our active busy lives.

Our clinic is small and personal. We planned it this way! It is best for you our client to rehabilitate in a small and quiet, calming environment. We also use specialized pilates rehabilitation equipment to assist your rehabilitation, plus our hands-on skills to assess and feel your spine. We also use our skilled physiotherapy manual therapy techniques to facilitate your recovery.

Call us on 09 361 6415 or check out our website for further information about how Physio’s in Grey Lynn/Ponsonby can help get your out of back pain today!

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