Training for the Auckland Half Marathon 2014

Hopefully, you successfully secured a ticket in the 2014 Auckland Marathon or Half Marathon. Now, just need to start training for the big event!

Getting to the start line after months of training really is a success in itself.  Physio’s at Bodyreform in Ponsonby Auckland treat people with running and spine pain on a daily basis.  We see lots of spines, hip, knee and ankle pain sustained from running injuries.

To run successfully, that is without injury, muscles need to work in synergy with each other around your spine, hip, and knee.

Bodyreform Physiotherapy specializes in core abdominal strength retraining, hip stability retraining, and treatment of knee injuries.

Approximately 80% of our population will have had sustained a lower spine injury or pain in their lifetime.  At Bodyreform we try our hardest to ascertain a correct diagnosis for your spine.  Once we know what exactly is going on, the rest is easy!  Once lower spine pain lasts more than 6 weeks, our deep abdominal muscles (transverses abdominus and multifidus) switch off.  These muscles stabilize our lumbar spine.

Using physiotherapy knowledge and clinical pilates principles,  Physio’s in Auckland retrain your deep abdominals safely and retrain your awareness to keep your spine safe to minimize any future spine pain.

Hip pain commonly occurs with long distance running.  Pain can originate from the sacroiliac joint, hip joint surfaces (osteoarthritis)  or symphysis pubis pain.  In worst case seniors people can develop pain in the inner groin can result from adductor muscles weakening with running, and placing load or irritation at the symphysis pubis.  These injuries progress very well with lateral hip stability exercises and core abdominal work.  Looking at shoe and lower limb leg alignment is also an integral part of management

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